@soinstyle is the official So In Style twitter account. It was created on July 2009, and the description is, "African American Barbies that are all about Fun, Fashion, Friendship, and Mentoring, too!" The account can be found here.


July 2009Edit

Tweet Date
Just saw the rough cut of our hair commercial...LOVE! 22 Jul 2009
I can't get the song out of my head "So In Style, Stylin Hair, So In Style..." 22 Jul 2009
We're on us out! 23 Jul 2009
Thanks@staceymcirby for your design vision of creating us to inspire girls around the world. 23 Jul 2009
Our creator @StaceyMcIrby is also featured in the article...see for yourself! 23 Jul 2009
We love frozen yogurt, but $7.00? How was it?@tyrabanks 23 Jul 2009
Girls that are aspirational and havin' fun!@BarbieStyle what are you doing? 24 Jul 2009
We're on Check us out along with our creator @StaceyMcIrby 24 Jul 2009
Hey @serenajwilliams Our creator lives near your hometown. Check us out on 24 Jul 2009
StaceyMcIrby interviews with American Urban Radio Network tomorrow. Thanks for your interest in us! 26 Jul 2009
Checking out to rotate profiles, schedule tweets, use powerful follower management, see reciprocity scores, & more. 27 Jul 2009

August 2009Edit

Tweet Date
We will continue to mentor our lil sisters, we will be in the flyest Rocawear gear in Spring 2010, what's next for us SIS girls? 2 Aug 2009
Did Wendy Williams mention us on her show today, Grace, Trichelle, and Kara when she was talking about "Good Hair?" 5 Aug 2009
Purchase us, the So In Style Barbie's and check out @StaceyMcIrby here: 7 Aug 2009
OMG @BarbieStyle, we so want to attend this Barbie Dance Party! 7 Aug 2009
We are sold at! 8 Aug 2009
@nuburbs Thanks for the Soinstyle shout out...Stacey McIrby thanked you, too. 8 Aug 2009
Flying out to Malibu, CA to visit BFF back soon Chitown! 9 Aug 2009
@maryjblige We are new African American dolls by Mattel that love you! 9 Aug 2009
Fashion Daily Mag notes So In Style, yay! 12 Aug 2009
We are in San Diego, CA with @StaceyMcirby. On vacation...will catch up with you all in a week! 14 Aug 2009
@thedollcafe Thx for remebering my bday...having a great time in SanDiego w/ @StaceyMcIrby 15 Aug 2009
@thedollcafe Yes,'s official. Grace, Trichelle, Kara, and coming soon Chandra and Darren are really tweeting about SIS. 15 Aug 2009
We are swimming and having a poolside BBQ today! 16 Aug 2009
Took our little SIS's to Sea World, had a gr8 time! 18 Aug 2009
@tyrabanks I don't think Skinny jeans are made for us girls w/ a little junk 19 Aug 2009
We're in The Black Barbie Issue of Vogue...BET covered it! 20 Aug 2009
Yes, we will be wearing the hottest brand @Rocawear in spring 2010. Thanks Jay-Z and @StaceyMcIrby! 20 Aug 2009
Having fun @ToysRUs! 20 Aug 2009
@dollsofcolor Thanks for your new on @StaceyMcIrby and us! 20 Aug 2009
Can't wait to watch Project Runway 2nite, the GTK Sisters (Grace, Trichelle, and Kara) will be glued to the TV! 20 Aug 2009
@TJMshow You spoke of us, black dolls wearing @Rocawear 20 Aug 2009
Oooh...waiting on Models of the Runway and waiting to see the first Project Runway designer to be eliminated...on the Westcoast. 20 Aug 2009
@dollsofcolor RT@StaceyMcIrby do the little @soinstyle ladies sit next to you while the TV shows are on? they're so cute! Yes, they do! : ) 20 Aug 2009
@dollsofcolor We love Project Runway! 20 Aug 2009
@ROC4LIFE Loved our photo shoot and the results for packaging with us wearing @Rocawear 20 Aug 2009
Back 2 School shopping 2morrow. A bittersweet moment...summer fun is over, a start to a new school year! And a reason to shop, of course! 21 Aug 2009
@StaceyMcIrby told us about Bebe's Kids, glad that our lil SIS's aren't like that. I guess our mentoring is paying off! 22 Aug 2009
blog on us and@staceymcirby 23 Aug 2009
Our girl @Barbiestyle has a new dance out! The one and only JaQuel (choreographer of Beyonce's "Single Ladies") hooked her up! 26 Aug 2009
Learning the new Barbie dance!! @Barbiestyle 27 Aug 2009
Enjoying summer fun with the gang: Me(Grace), Kara, Trichelle, Chandra, and Darren...lil bro & sis's not included today. 29 Aug 2009
@talkingwithtami Thx 4 reminding me that DJ Am at BFF @Barbiestyles birthday bash 29 Aug 2009
Photos of us and purchase opp @BarbieFanClub 30 Aug 2009
Here we are @toysrus 30 Aug 2009
We're watching @tyrabanks show's top 10 moments. Luv her! 30 Aug 2009
Hey @barbiestyle...@talkingwithtami luvs you, girl! 30 Aug 2009
[We and @staceymcirby are featured in the Barbie collector catalog. Get one sent to ur home 30 Aug 2009
Why don't people believe that we're actually tweeting? Is it because we r dolls? ; ) 30 Aug 2009
Hmmmm...what are we going to be doing and what will we be wearing in Spring 2011? 31 Aug 2009
Thanks for believing in us! We may be dolls but we love keepin' in real! 31 Aug 2009

September 2009Edit

Tweet Date
We officially launched today in stores! 1 Sep 2009
@ashleykiyana I C that u luv @Barbiestyle! We love her, too! 2 Sep 2009
Good Morning dolls! Looking forward to a fun and fabulous Labor Day weekend! What should we get into? 5 Sep 2009
Happy Labor Day! Have a fun filled day celebrating with family and friends...oh and BBQ, of course! 7 Sep 2009
Falling asleep at the computer...goodnight! 7 Sep 2009
Loving Labor Day right now! 7 Sep 2009
@pinkeepie You're a doll...thanks for loving and wanting to collect us! You can currently order us online: 8 Sep 2009
@pinkeepie Currently, it's Grace & lil sis Courtney, Trichelle/Janessa, & Kara/Kianna. Our new homegirl & lil sis: Chandra/Zahara. 11 Sep 2009
@pinkeepie Oh, can't forget our new hottie Darren and his lil bro Julian...he's so cute! 11 Sep 2009
Watching Lizzie McGuire with the girls...hey, she was once made into a doll like us! 12 Sep 2009
Check us out on and @barbiestyle 12 Sep 2009 in the morning but couldn't miss #Glee. Goodnight 16 Sep 2009
We were given in the Barbie giftbasket to a little girl on the @Wendyshow She looked really happy! Glad that we could make her smile. 17 Sep 2009
We will have an Exhibitor Table at the ATL Blogalicious Conference on Oct. 10th. Come check us out! And @staceymcirby too! 18 Sep 2009
We'll be at NYC's Alice's TeaCup from 4-6pm on Tuesday making moms relive their Barbie days, and their daughter's playing and dreaming w/us. 25 Sep 2009
Our official launch was on yesterday...yay! Our girl, @staceymcirby is gonna be busy! : ) 29 Sep 2009
We had fun today playing with girls and mommies from Mocha Moms NY, Mom in the City, and Savvy Mommy at Alice's Tea Cup! 29 Sep 2009
love that we can inspire girls to dream big and have dolls to play with that look like them! Find us in ToysRus, Walmart & Target! 29 Sep 2009

October 2009Edit