Released August 6th, 2009


2009 Barbie So In Style S.I.S

2009 Barbie So In Style S.I.S. Stylin Hair Dolls Commercial

Barbie So In Style Doll Commercial

Barbie So In Style Doll Commercial


"Grace™ was best friends with Barbie® back in Malibu, and they're still in touch. After moving to Chicago, Grace™ found two new friends and a whole new kind of fashion & fun! Stylin' Hair® Grace™ doll is ready for a pampering day at the salon — what kind of 'do will you treat her to?"


"Happy, inspired, and creative, Kara™ became fast friends with Grace™. The two teens bonded over a shared passion for sassy fashions, and a desire to do more for the kids around them! Kara™ doll comes complete with accessories to create head-turning styles — braids, extensions, curls, and more!"


"Grace has a new best friend, Trichelle™, who's showing her the power of mentoring young girls in their community! Trichelle™ (and all the "big sister" So In Style™ dolls) have new face sculpts and skin tones, plus Aqua Curl hair that goes from sleek 'n straight to fab curls and back again with a mist of water!"

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